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As a Charter of the Florida PBA, our members have the peace of mind that the best resources in the community, state and country are working for their best interests on the job every day.

Whether a law enforcement officer, detention or support personnel, your profession can face many challenges beyond the call of duty. From internal affairs or criminal investigations, suffering from an on-duty injury or worse, death, to the challenges of employment benefits and disputes; the PBA is here to represent and help you every step of the way.

TestimonialsFROM MEMBERS

  • The Sun Coast PBA office staff is always available and willing to assist with both professional and personal matters.
    The recreational room is very comfortable, clean and the provided drinks and snacks make it a great spot for a short break.

    Deputy Paul Pantel
    Pinellas County S.O
  • The PBA is well known for their legal representation, but what I have come to rely on is how user friendly the Sun Coast PBA is in general. I truly appreciate everything the office and staff offer to each and every PBA member.

    Deputy Timothy Myers
    Pinellas County S.O
  • Thank you very much for your help. I am certain that without your e-mail I would have been unable to get the proper attention that my situation deserved.

    Officer Michael G
    Largo P.D
  • Thank you again for your care for me. Having you there was extremely comforting, it was exactly as you had forewarned. Your knowledgeable advice is what I will continue to adhere to.

    St. Petersburg P.D
  • The PBA has been an absolute amazing organization who has helped me through various work-related issues. Aside from the many charitable events they do each year, they love to give back to officers and truly support their members through all the highs and lows within your law enforcement career!

    Deputy Bianca H
    Pinellas County S.O
  • Having the PBA represent me took some of the stress of the situation off of me. I could focus on the important things knowing the PBA had MY best interest at heart.

    Support Personnel, Marina Williams
    Pinellas County S.O
  • I just wanted to say thank you so much for the outstanding job that you did representing me recently. Your tireless efforts and unparalleled professionalism were instrumental in garnering the outcome that you did for myself and my family. Thank you for fighting so hard.

    Technician, S.H
    St. Petersburg P.D
  • Thank you again for your assistance and guidance. You truly are an asset to all PBA members and I greatly appreciate it.

    Lieutenant Nygren
    Pinellas County S.O

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