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The Sun Coast Florida Police Benevolent Association is a charter of Florida PBA and is a professional law enforcement association based in Pinellas County, Florida. The Sun Coast PBA represents the needs of workers on a multitude of tasks including collective bargaining negotiations, investigatory & disciplinary proceedings, legislative & public policy goals, legal defense and grievances. We represent both municipal agency officers and county sheriff’s deputies through the PBA. Through our involvement with Florida PBA our members have the peace of mind that the best resources in the community, state and country are working for their best interests on the job every day.

Executive Board



Largo PD

Board of Directors

Peter “Vladimir” Zollota
Greg Shone
Scott Laaninen
Michelle Fotovat
Vacant (1)
Daniel Barber (Sgt/Lt)

St. Petersburg P.D. director

Nicholas Bedy (Sgt./Lt.)
Joseph ``Scott`` McKenzie (Road)
Vacant (Road) (2)
Vacant (Detention) (2)

Pinellas County S.O. director

Adam Compton
Vacant (1)
Paul Amodeo (Lt)

Largo P.D. director

Pinellas County Schools P.D.

Retired Officers
Steve Corbet

Additional Agencies director

Meet our Staff

Here to assist you each and every day!

Vanessa Saetham

Office Manager